100km PLOG

How would you celebrate 10 years as a plogger? Me? I think I will run 100km picking up trash the entire way

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454km and 336kg of trash.

One month - plogging the date each day in kilometres

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My favourite place on this site. :-)

Aristotle said that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”. That is the view I take with my Instagram account; if I can create a series of posts on a specific topic then the impact can be greater than they are in themselves.

Rather than explain it further.. let me show you!

(I will be adding the other projects I have done soon, like EnergyCanuary and the Tips and Tricks series I have made on how to plog. - if you can't wait, then contact me directly)

Wanna know what my favourite Instagram posts that I have made about plogging? The go here

Wanna know what my favourite Instagram posts that I have made about running? The go here

Movie Poster Saturdays

A Bottle Flow Over a Person's Fence
Plogger Springcliphands
Ploglander Poster 1
Ploglander Poster 2
Quantum of Plogging
Paul Ploggt
Plog Paul Plog
No Country for Old Ploggers
The Plogtian
The Plogtian
Ploggers Inc.
First Mask
The Plog
Plogmerry Plog Boss
Clean Beach Movie
Happy Plogmore
Wonder Plogger
Plogging Gump
Plog Face
Plog Face
Risky Plogness
Plog to the Future
Plogging Hill
Plogging Adventures
Plog Fiction

Saturday is currently my favourite day of the week!

It is the day I re-create a famous movie poster with a plogging theme.

Click on the arrow in the gallery to see what I mean.

I try and keep my version of the poster as faithful to the original as I can, but then I put some tweaks in to make is something about plogging or trash collecting, with a bit of my humour.

I do have some rules I set myself 

  • I want to make the poster as real as I can, so I will put a cardboard box on my head instead of photoshopping an astronaut's helmet on. It means it isn't quite as accurate as I like but I find it more authentic.

  • I still like to do it all myself. Again.. what it lacks in sexiness it adds in authenticity.

Here are all the ones I have done so far (in order of producing so that you can see the development of the idea). Although you can see the posters below, I would suggest clicking on the links as there is a story behind each one (and a higher resolution picture!).

Posters Done (Most Recent First) - some movies have multiple versions!:

These are just the first few.. I recently celebrated my 100th movie poster on Instagram

  1. A Bottle Flew Over a Person's Fence

  2. Hamilton

  3. Edward Scissorhands

  4. Flashdance

  5. Zoolander

  6. Quantum of Solace

  7. Lola Rennt / Run Lola Run

  8. No Country for Old Men

  9. The Martian

  10. Monsters, Inc.

  11. Rambo: First Blood

  12. The Firm

  13. Glengarry Glen Ross

  14. Teen Beach Movie

  15. Neighbors / Bad Neighbours

  16. Happy Gilmore

  17. Wonder Woman

  18. Forrest Gump

  19. Scarface

  20. Pee Wee's Bicycling Adventure

  21. Notting Hill

  22. Risky Business

  23. Back to the Future

  24. Pulp Fiction (I did this and thought.. hmm.. what if i..)