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Join me for a monthly plog around Haarlem.. featuring banana suits, disco music and a lot of laughter!


Each Saturday I recreate a classic movie poster, but give it a plogging twist


454km and 336kg of trash.

One month - plogging the date each day in kilometres

My toughest challenge yet Read more

The Canuary Dress

From 600 cans thrown onto the Haarlem streets, to an outfit crazy enough for Rotterdam Marathon

Rotterdam marathon - FB2.jpg
100km PLOG

How would you celebrate 10 years as a plogger? Me? I think I will run 100km picking up trash the entire way

When: this September! Read more


My favourite place on this site. :-)

Aristotle said that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”. That is the view I take with my Instagram account; if I can create a series of posts on a specific topic then the impact can be greater than they are in themselves.

Rather than explain it further.. let me show you!

(I will be adding the other projects I have done soon, like EnergyCanuary and the Tips and Tricks series I have made on how to plog. - if you can't wait, then contact me directly)

Wanna know what my favourite Instagram posts that I have made about plogging? The go here

Wanna know what my favourite Instagram posts that I have made about running? The go here

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