..and stuff I have been sent for free that I think is cool

Oooh.. sponsors.. who doesn't love a sponsor?!!

Seriously though, I want to get sponsors. But the right sponsors. Ones I believe in.

I also want to be given stuff for free. But again, stuff that is good and I stand behind

I don't get paid at all from these, but I think they are worth a shout out.

Each item here helps me continue my passions, and especially plogging.

They have chosen me and I have chosen them.

I list the reasons why here

Anything I say about them is truthful and honest. 

Why should you believe me? Look at my social media. I am old, I have wobbly bits, and this is my passion.. I ain't got time to pamper to a brand. I need it to help me achieve my goals. Especially in being a faster and better runner. If something rubs or chaffs, then it is going to hinder me.

But I also want to promote these companies. They have a story. They have an ethic.

Yes, they want to make money, but it is more than that.

If you have any questions about any of these brands then the best thing to do is message me (preferably on Instagram) and I will do my best to answer you.

Here are the brands who have given me stuff

June 2021
House of Marley (BLX)

I admit it.. I chased after this one!

I have been gifted a set of their UPRISE earphones.

For the last few years, I have been using headphones from a brand that have no sustainability statement. I think in a modern society that is no longer acceptable.

Go to thehouseofmarley.com (NL: marley.nl)and check out their site. Sustainability and environmental considerations are as important as the product itself. Love love LOVE this.

Tree planting, recycled materials, bamboo!.. I am wearing the earphones with a smile.

July 2020
ZP Compression


I am a huge fan of compression gear and have been wearing it for over 12 years. It is a key reason I can run so much as a heavier runner.

To call out one single reason why I feel it works, I will simply say it holds my wobbly bits in! Haha

Anything that helps dampen the vibration of each step's impact through your body (thousands on each run) is going to help in my opinion. 

I am thrilled to have been supplied with some awesome compression gear from the Finnish brand Zeropoint Compression.

And the cool part is.. 85% of their material is from recycled plastics! (Econyl).

By 2021 they want that to be 100%. woohoo

It gets better.. use the coupon code ZPPLOG (hahaha brilliant code!) to get 30% off (yes.. THIRTY PERCENT OFF!)

June 2020

IRON ROOTS is a Dutch company that make athletic apparel from Tencel (basically.. wood! haha).

That is so cool as it means that the garments are completely plastic free.

They sent me a tshirt to use and I really enjoy using it for my easy run days. It is perfect for a more casual look.. like a jog to the beach and then hang out in. So cool!

And the thing never smells so far! Freaky!

I now have a couple of extra garments (including a hoodie). And love them all.

Dec 2020

How excited can you get by a bin?!!

err.. hello!.. you do know I am a plogger, right?

And given the spontaneous squealing and whooping I was making while setting it up, I think I am very excited!

I am gonna play around with it for a week and then let you know my thoughts... 

The bin is made from recycled PET bottles and is designed to be used in a variety of locations.. table edge, wall, boat, car, outside a tent, garden, office, bathroom........

The thing that I noticed straight away is the precision and elegance of the design. I feels like everything has a purpose and intent. It is literally.. stunning!

August 2020
Dumil Bio Bags

Ooh.. is this the ultimate collaboration for a plogger? Bags for collecting the trash in?

Dumil have kindly sent me a stack of my favourite plogging bags at the moment; their 5 litre biobag with drawstring.

Biodegradable bags are obviously good, the 5 litre size means you can stash in your pocket/shirt/belt easily (and you don't end up running with a huge bin bag), and the drawstring makes it more stiff at the top (ideal for windy runs) and gives you lots of carrying options.


A tip I give newbies, is to start by only plogging a bit at first. Filling up just one bag is a great way to make an impact on the planet and not on your running!

June 2021
Nu Bear - Nu Grip

I originally bought this myself on kickstarter (my first kickstarter purchase I think).. very excited.

I love this grip and is my go-to grip for the GoPro. It is a great length, tripod and floats!

But I am rough with things like this - plogging is a 'tough on equipment' sport hahah. At no fault of this tripod, it broke (but lasted longer than most - it is really well made)

I told Nu Bear this and that connected with me and helped me out a bit. So although not gifted fully they have been really supportive. And especially supportive of my plogging!

And they use ZERO plastic packaging

So it feels perfect to include on this list of brands. 


Dopper is an amazing company. They sell reusable water bottles, and yes, they wanna make a profit.. but their mission is more than that. They want people to use reusable water bottles.. regardless of brand. 

I am grateful to them for two things.

Firstly, and most importantly, they gave me a chance to be in their Dopper Wave film. See my Media page. So wonderful!

And I think I am actually one of their wavemakers now!

And secondly.. I now have a very cool insulated bottle with my name on it!!! woohoo. Love it

Winter 2019

PlogSack is a young Dutch brand (ships worldwide :-) ) that make a rucksack, chestbag system especially for plogging.

They gave me one to test out and I really enjoy using it.

I keep on promising them a full review, but never seem to have time hahaha

Although the only connection with them is that they gave me a bag, I hope to be doing more events with them soon.. so,.. stay tuned!

Great company with a passion for beach cleaning, trash collecting and plogging

Sept 2020
The Lekker Company

When you run/plog a lot, you get sweaty and smelly.

Yep I said that! haha

The Lekker Company make natural vegan deodorant in a super concentrated form and plastic free packaging.

Our family have been sent the 4 scents to try out.

Over the coming weeks we will be trying them out (the small pot lasts for 2-3 months apparently which potentially makes it the best travel/gym/work companion ever!) . Watch this space. But I am excited!

UPDATE: I did a bit of a review about it here: https://www.wayeoflife.com/post/a-deodorant-that-got-me-thinking

1996.. May :-)
Katherina Ceramics

Again, a sneaky one..

This is my wife's Ceramics instagram page.. she is just trying to sell some amazing pottery. 

She puts her heart and soul in each piece. Such a wonder to see.

I suppose she is my biggest sponsor of all! heehee

The pieces I really love are the vases that are carved. They take ages to make, but so unique.

She has just set up a new shop that brings in her ceramics, as well as some other artisan products that are pretty cool.


Since Jan 2020
Brooks Run Happy Team

Oooh. I am in effect a Brooks running ambassador at the moment.

They provide a lot of my running gear.

I applied to their program because I loved their #runhappy motto... It was a bold step as I had never used Brooks before!! eek!!

Phew.. I really like their shoes. (especially the Glycerin 18 at the moment!). 

I am so proud to represent them in a small way, and I love their energy and passion. It really feels like they care about me and my plogging.

They live behind their RunHappy motto

Since Sept 2020
RunX (Haarlem)

Every runner has a favourite running shop. Mine is RunX in Haarlem.

I am super thrilled to do some collaborations with them, with the first major one being a review of the Brooks Ghost 13 Run Visible. They provided me with the shoe to review (I had never run in a Ghost before!) and the review is going up on RunX.nl site soon.

Why do I love the store? It has been my go to store for years, but it is the staff that make it special. 

How much do I love them? It says a lot when each time I have been into town during COVID-19 (only a handful of times), each time I have popped in to say "Hi!"

It feels great supporting a local store during these crazy times.

Early 2019 I think haha

When I first became serious about taking my plogging outside of my own bubble and try and inspire others, it became clear that I needed a tshirt when a message on it.

RunAndCasual helped me out with my printing needs.

They are stars and ALL the printed text and graphics look amazing still after loads of washes!

The company was one of the first to see and believe in what I am trying to do.

Oct 2020
Tru Earth 


Ok.. ok.. there are loads of reasons why this is eco friendly, but the most amazing thing is seeing how it compares in terms of size and packaging to other eco-friendly washing detergents!

Seriously, the packaging and strips weigh as much as an empty bottle of normal eco washing liquid.. and it can be posted through the letterbox!

If this stuff works then it is a game-changer!

I am currently testing and will post a review soon.

They sent me the three different varieties to try out.