A monthly plogging event focusing on fun, disco and impact
Next Edition: Saturday 26th November
PlogX Edition 8.jpg

It is a bit crazy, I never actually organised a plogging event until recently


The idea is simple..

The first Saturday of the month (as a general rule of thumb), I will take people out on a plog around Haarlem

It is for around an hour and at a very relaxed pace - we will cover 4-5km in the hour - it is definitely a jog and not a walk, but with lots of stops to talk to people, dance and take selfies! (lots of selfies!)


Saturday 26th November! 11:00-12:00

We are bringing the next edition to Haarlem a week early. The reason is that RunX (the running shop where we start the plog from) is turning Black Friday into Green Friday Plus

Here is some info about it.

green friday.PNG

For numbers, I kinda like to know in advance if you are coming.

You can let me know via email or the contact page

It isn't just a 'let's go run and pick up trash'.. nope.. I will more than likely be in a banana suit, and there will definitely be disco music!

Why disco music? Because it makes people smile!

The more fun we make it, the more people notice us, and the bigger the impact we can make!!


Here are the details you need.

Date: usually the first Saturday of each month (exact dates below)

Time: 11:00 to 12:00 (ish)

Fee: completely free - and RunX provide coffee and tea afterwards

You need to bring: Come in your running gear (very gentle pace), and some gloves 

We provide: bags, music and an infectious energy that is as contagious as a yawn at a 19th-century poetry recital

Location: RunX Haarlem Kruisstraat 7, 2011 PV Haarlem

aaaaah.. now it makes sense.. Plogging + RunX = PlogX!


Saturday 26th November!


Edition 1 March 5th - Disco Plogging

Edition 2 April 2nd - Plogging Twister 

Edition 3 May 7th - For the Mothers

Edition 4 June 7th - When I Say Jump

Edition 5 July 2nd - Banana Plog

Edition 6 July 30th - Dream Team

Edition 7 September 3rd - Formula 1 Edition

Edition October.. nope.. I took part in World Championships, so skipped it

Edition 8 November 5th - Heel Veel

Edition 9 November 26th - Green Friday+