I have finally started doing a monthly plogging event

It is a bit crazy, but I am only now starting up a monthly plogging event 

The idea is simple..

The first Saturday of the month (as a general rule of thumb), I will take people out on a plog around Haarlem

It is for around an hour and at a relaxed pace - we will cover 4-5km in the hour

For numbers I kinda like to know in advance if you are coming.

It isn't just a 'let's go run and pick up trash'.. nope.. I will be making it fun each time with something interesting.

The impact we can make is greater if people see us doing it. So we will be playing music, laughing and chatting with as many people as we can

Edition 1 March 5th - Disco Plogging

Edition 2 April 2nd - Plogging Twister 

Edition 3 May 7th - For the Mothers

Contact me for more details


PlogX - Edition 4 June 4th