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About Me!

In 2017, I did a reset. 

I realised that I was slowly (ever so slowly) getting less and less happy each day.

If you asked me in 2017 if I was happy, I would have said yes. But if you were to change that question to if I was happier than the year before? Then the answer would have been different.

The spark was fading. Which upset me as there were moments in my life when I was deeply joyful.. so I decided to try and return to them.

I asked myself what made me happy and tried to bring back those elements


I switched from triathlons to my one true love of running. I now run around 4000km a year and try to do a couple of marathons a year.

Vegetarian..and now Vegan!

I went back to being vegetarian and then went a step further and became vegan on Jan 1st, 2019.

I explain the reasons behind this in an Instagram post see here

Plogging and more importantly.. caring

I became more idealistic. As a 20 year old I cared more than I did as a 50year old. I missed that person. 

... and I committed to plogging on each and every run, bike or swim. My first mention on social media of picking up litter while running was back in 2011. I did it before that date (like many people did) but it was not that often. Then I made a switch to trying to inspire others to do the same. To make a bigger impact.

I now wanna become the best plogger in the world! hahaha


But.... don't get me wrong.. these are the few things I am proud of. I suck at most of my life. I am crap at nearly all the other aspects of my life (some really badly). So don't think I am an angel.. I am far from it.

I am also not an eco warrior. BUT.. I do try and become better and better in my decisions. Improving a bit each year.


If you are interested, the best place to follow my adventures is on Instagram here

Thanks for reading!!

Paul (big smiley face)

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