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Movie Posters

Every Saturday a new recreation of a classic movie poster, but with a plogging/trash twist

NEW: I now have a separate account where I will slowly re-post all of my old poster creations. I will post one every couple of days throughout 2024 (i have THAT many haha)

The new account is @PostersWithATwist

Saturday is currently my favourite day of the week!

It is the day I re-create a famous movie poster with a plogging theme.

Click on the arrow in the gallery to see what I mean.

I try and keep my version of the poster as faithful to the original as I can, but then I put some tweaks in to make is something about plogging or trash collecting, with a bit of my humour.

I do have some rules I set myself 

  • I want to make the poster as real as I can, so I will put a cardboard box on my head instead of photoshopping an astronaut's helmet on. It means it isn't quite as accurate as I like but I find it more authentic.

  • I still like to do it all myself. Again.. what it lacks in sexiness it adds in authenticity.

Here are all the ones I have done so far (in order of producing so that you can see the development of the idea). Although you can see the posters below, I would suggest clicking on the links as there is a story behind each one (and a higher resolution picture!).

A Bottle Flow Over a Person's Fence
Plogger Springcliphands
Ploglander Poster 1
Ploglander Poster 2
Quantum of Plogging
Paul Ploggt
Plog Paul Plog
No Country for Old Ploggers
The Plogtian
The Plogtian
Ploggers Inc.
First Mask
The Plog
Plogmerry Plog Boss
Clean Beach Movie
Happy Plogmore
Wonder Plogger
Plogging Gump
Plog Face
Plog Face
Risky Plogness
Plog to the Future
Plogging Hill
Plogging Adventures
Plog Fiction

Posters Done (Most Recent First) - some movies have multiple versions!:

Click on the link to go to the page on Instagram

I have marked some of my favourites. What makes it a favourite? multiple things.. popular movie, or creative, or just something i am proud of

188. Quadrophenia

187. Pantani - The Accidental Death of a Cyclist

186. The Beekeeper

185. Heaven Can Wait FAV!

184. Gladiator

183. Flypaper

182. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour - with Canuary Dress!! ABSOLUTE FAV!!

181. What It Takes

180. Freddy Got Fingered

179. Diana the Musical

178. Bikes vs Cars

177. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

176. 25th Hour

175. Rye Lane

174. Mission Impossible

173. Only Murders in the Building

172. Wedding Crashers FAV!

171. The Crowded Room

170. Severance FAV!

169. Batman vs. Superman FAV!

168. A Man Called Otto

167. iZombie

166. E.T. FAV!

165. A Hard Day's Night

164. In Pursuit of Happiness

163. See How They Run

162. The Railway Children

161. Wonderbra ads from 1994 FAV!

160. Le Pupille

159. House of Gucci

158. The Man With The Golden Gun

157. The Program

156. The Other Guys WITH MY FIRST CELEB!

155. The Royal Tenenbaums

154. Tár

153. Dont Look Up

152. Let Then All Talk

151. Marcel ABSOLUTE FAV!

150. Dune

149. Bardo

148. The Fabelmans

147. The Six Million Dollar Man

146. The Italian Job FAV!

145. The Girl in the Yellow Jumper

144. All That Breathes

143, The Blair Witch Project FAV!

142. 4400

141. Seventy Times Seven

140. The Walk

139. Swingers

138. Cocktail FAV!

137. Drinking Buddies

136. 400 Days

135. Anna And The Apocalypse

134. A Christmas Tree Miracle

133. Home Sweet Home Alone

132. The Black Windmill

131. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

130. Manolo - The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards FAV!

129. The Chalk Line

128. Kill Bill

127. Nightmare on Elm Street

126. The Howling FAV!

125. Look Who's Talking

124. Kung Fu Panda

123. The Sixth Sense

122. Whatever it takes

121. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

120. Ferrari 312b

119. EO FAV!

118. The Big Green

117. Hail, Caesar! FAV!

116. Man vs Bee

115. Ted Lasso

114. Ocean's 8 FAV!

113. View from a Blue Moon

112. Banana Split

111. The Game Changers

110. An Incredible Amount of Massive Talent

109. Cool as Ice

108. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs FAV!

107. Nymphomaniac

106. Knightriders

105. How to lose a guy in 10 days

104. Three Identical Strangers FAV!

103. Perfume

102. The Great Escape

101. Cold Souls

100. The 100

99.   Being There

98.   The Ides of March FAV!

97.   Honey I Shrunk the Kids

96.   Ratatouille

95.   Succession

94.   The Barkley Marathons

93.   1 Mile To You

92.   Running for Good

91.   Icarus

90.   The Crimson Wing

89.   Kevin Can F*** Himself FAV!

88.   Monster Hunter

87.   Candy Man

86.   Hard Candy

85.   The January Man

84.   Jingle all the Way

83.   Elf

82.   Gremlins FAV!

81.   Four Christmases

80.   Ghostbusters!

79.   There will be blood

78.   Despicable Me 2

77.   Picard

76.   The Addams Family

75.   Brittany runs a marathon

74.   Children of the Corn

73.   The Green Knight FAV!

72.   Squid Game

71.   No Time To Die

70.   The Big Lebowski

69.   The Suicide Squad FAV!

68.   I Care A Lot

67.   The Expendables FAV!

66.   Marathon Man

65.   The Hateful Eight

64.   8 Heads in a Duffle Bag

63.   Throw Momma From The Train

62.   Me, Myself & Irene

61.   Fun with Dick and Jane

60.   The Number 23 FAV!

59.   Ace Ventura FAV!

58.   1917

57.   Run Fatboy Run

56.   Boyhood

55.   Almost Famous

54.   Fight Club

53.   The Naked Gun

52.   Little Plogs Everywhere

51.   The Batman

50.   Shazam!

49.   Suburbicon

48.   ABBA the Movie

47.   BBC test card

46.   Dirty Harry

45.   Bad boys, for life

44.   John Wick 2

43.   Taken

42.   Clean

41.   Red Bull advert

40.   Unbreakable

39.   Trainspotting FAV!

38.   Memento

37.   Anatomy of a murder FAV!

36.   300 FAV!

35.   Catch me if you can

34.   101 Dalmations

33.   Speed

32.   Emily in Paris

31.   Die Hard

30.   While you were sleeping

29.   Surviving Christmas

28.   Love Actually

27.   Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

26.   A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving FAV!

25.   The Queen's Gambit

24.   A Bottle Flew Over a Person's Fence

23.   Hamilton

22.   Edward Scissorhands FAV!

21.   Flashdance FAV!

20.   Zoolander

19.   Quantum of Solace

18.   Lola Rennt / Run Lola Run

17.   No Country for Old Men

16.   The Martian

15.   Monsters, Inc.

14.   Rambo: First Blood

13.   The Firm

12.   Glengarry Glen Ross

11.   Teen Beach Movie

10.   Neighbors / Bad Neighbours

9.     Happy Gilmore

8.     Wonder Woman FAV!

7.     Forrest Gump FAV!

6.     Scarface FAV!

5.     Pee Wee's Bicycling Adventure

4.     Notting Hill

3.     Risky Business

2.     Back to the Future

1.     Pulp Fiction 

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