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First Contact

This is an update to this story: An incredible Act of Kindness

Hi everyone.. here is an update on how the search is going for a new bike.

I have a fund that is around 2,200eur (thank-you everyone!!).

Now.. hard reality - that isn't enough!

That feels really hard to say out loud as you can get a bike (a great bike) for less than that.

But the reality is that the great bikes are around 5,000eur or higher.

You can easily spend more than 10,000eur!


So, how can I justify not just getting a bike for that current amount?

Here are my thoughts that I am sure many will disagree with. But this is how I am thinking.

  • A bike lasts me 10+ years - I know that for a fact, just because I am THAT old! haha so it really is something I will treasure and use for a decade and more!

  • I need it to be as future proof as I can - bikes are changing a lot at the moment. I want it to be as future proof as possible; discs (also for safety), external BB (not pressfit - this is actually going back to how it was) and the list goes on..

  • 1 bike to rule them all - I want this bike to do a lot - group rides, bike commutes, plogging, 100km+ rides, all surfaces. So I am getting a gravel bike. I am not getting more than one bike so it needs to be bulletproof because I have a lot of demands

  • I can tell the difference - I am not a fast rider, but I am an experienced one. I am not saying I deserve an expensive bike, but rather that I will feel the difference. It won't be wasted.

  • I will be in my 60s using it. I will be as fit as I am now, but using it when 65yrs old will have an impact on my choice - a hard aluminium isn't ideal

So what has happened?

Ok.. so far I have contacted two bike brands and two bike shops. Both bike shops mean loads to me, so I wanted to approach them first.

It would feel weird not to

But I am also scared.. I am in effect going to a bike shop that works with very tight margins and say.. wanna give me 50% off on a new bike? - It is basically gonna cost them money - in a time when things are tough. So I will not name them (because if they say no, I completely understand and love them regardless). But I will name the bikes below, that I have my eye on, so you see the bikes I am looking at, at least..

One of the two bike shops has shown some interest. Again, I am not going to give names. But I am so thrilled!!!!!!!! Whatever happens, just from them contacting me is so wonderful.

So, the bikes I think match the goal

Most of these are mechanical, but I would love a 1x electronic group. Although I can upgrade that later on maybe - unfortunately the price just escalates too much with electronic.

Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon - a great example of the dilemma - The diverge is a brilliant bike.. but for me it would need to be carbon, 1x with SWAT system and the shock 2.0 - so suddenly i need 5,000eur! Damn it.. know any rich people who wanna gift it to me! hahah

Rondo RUUT CF1/2 - this really has me excited! It ticks all the boxes, except the wheelset. But that is something I could upgrade later on.

The following ones also have caught my eye.. but lets see where I get with first two, first. I think it would be awful just contacting all brands/bikeshops.. it feels rude.

Would I be happy with any of these.. heck yeah! but I have tried these first two brands because of bike shop connections.

there are plenty more.. but which ones do you think I should consider?

What ever bike I get, I know I will love it with a passion

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