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Ceramics, unique artisan products and intimate clay workshops!

My wife has launched a new webshop. No, she has done more than that.. but first let me explain why I am so proud of what she is doing..

When Dopper first launched their reusable bottle, my wife was one of the early adopters. She made sure that our kids had them for school. (They now have them in the bathroom as beakers).

When my wife saw that I was becoming so passionate about my plogging, she suggested I tell people about it. Inspire others to do it via my Instagram account.

She switched me to soap, she got me posting stories on Instagram, got us using paper straws,... the list goes on.

... and now she has found her own passion.

Ceramics - I see at first hand the passion she has in clay and her ceramics. I see the intent and heart that goes into each piece she makes.

Workshops - Just like many, her plans have been shattered by this lockdown year. But she has now found a great location for some small intimate ceramic workshops where she can share that love for ceramics, and especially the chance of grounding yourself that it provides.

Artisan Products - She also wants to use the shop as a chance to celebrate artisan products. Products that she carefully hunts down and are ethically sourced and organically produced.

Is this all a bit nepotistic? You may call it that, but I am incredibly proud

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