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Wish List

I can dream, can't I? Things both small and crazy big, that will help me in my journey. 

If you are a regular person, go and check out my other stuff.

This isn't for everyone. I would love to have help, but I am after help from people and organisations who have the resources. If you are reading this and you are a regular person like me, then I would rather you make your own wishlist and put it out there.

If you are one of these..

  • A billionaire

  • A millionaire

  • A brand

  • A philanthropist

Then read on!

This is just a page of things that would really help me out

Some are material things, and some are just dreams.

But my wife is always telling me to put my wishes down on paper to create the intention

So.. here are all the things and dreams 


If you are a millionaire or brand etc, then contact me

Things (in no particular order)

  • Full frame camera

    • Like the Sony A7iv or the Lumix S5ii

    • Something that will take my movie posters, photos and videos to the next level​

  • 360 Camera ​

    • Insta360 X3 ​

    • Just to add a new dimension to my footage. I think video is such a powerful tool for raising awareness and being creative with it during my plogging would be sooooo cool

  • Vinyl Cutter​

    • Cricut / SISER / Silhouette​

    • I have reached out to them and man.. I have some crazy cool ideas

      • Even down to having text on all my running gear would really help create an impact​

  • Laptop​​

    • Mine is dying. I have an old Microsoft Surfacebook and love it, but it has hardware issues and crashes now​

    • For 4k video editing and all my posters

  • Phone​

    • New phone.. I currently have a Note10 and it has been awesome but it is now letting in water in the camera area. Like everyone the phone is such an important tool for me. I use it constantly​

    • Wishes.. S22/S23 Ultra, Xperia kickass, Pixel 

  • Drone​

    • Mini3 Pro?​

    • Can you imagine the next level stuff taking a drone on my plogging adventures​

  • Membership to a gym​

    • For me it is an expense that is a luxury item at the moment​

  • Tattoos​

    • Mooooooore tattoos!​

  • Bike helmet ​

    • MIPS with some cool safety/eco credentials​

  • Bike clothing​

    • Again.. eco credentials​


  • To do this as a full time job.

    • OMG, to be able to plog each day for hours and then be creative about it without it taking up every single moment of my day (which it does because of my full time job)

    • People ask me why I don't just go on patreon.. but this isn't something i want everyone to help out with.. I want a millionaire, or brands (like RedBull, Heineken, CocaCola, McDonalds etc) to help.
      A brand would be amazing to help me work with them and together we create change​​

  • Netflix show: Plogging with Paul​

    • Would love to create a TV series that is just me travelling around and plogging with others, chatting about their views, the impact they try and make etc​

  • 100mile plog​

    • I want to take my 100km continuous plog and go next level​

    • 100kmplog

  • Ploguary in miles​

    • If I was doing this full time, it would be my first goal to myself​

    • Ploguary

  • Exhibition of my movieposters​

    • Am I being foolish is thinking they are exhibition worthy?​

  • To be recognised as an artist​

    • I am really proud of what i do,.. I would love to have someone say.. "That's Paul - he is an artist who picks up trash"​

  • Plog around the Dutch border​

    • If I was doing this full time, I would love to pick up trash around the entire Dutch border​

  • GoPro / Insta360​ / DJI to sponsor me

    • I think i show these companies how to use their products in the real world. It isn't just about catching the biggest wave on video​

    • I show how to use in the dark, in winter

  • TED Talk​

    • I think i have a story to tell. An inspiring story.​

There you have it.. the intention is set!

I feel like I am just writing down cool stuff but i didn't write down the likes of "be gifted a tesla".. every item has a purpose

There are a lot of other collabs i would love to do (something as simple as Tefal eco pans) - but I left those off otherwise the list would be so huge.. so i tried to restrict the stuff to specific to the physical act of my plogging and sport

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