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What is it?

During the month of January, I collect (and encourage others) to collect energy cans that are thrown on the ground as trash.

The intent behind it is to raise awareness for the number of energy drinks I see littered on the ground in the Netherlands. Like many countries, we still don't have a deposit system on aluminium drink cans. Why is that? UPDATE: the system is now coming to NL at the end of 2022.. yay!)

And specific for energy drinks, how is it possible that something that gives you energy, doesn't give you enough energy to put it in the bin?!!

I did EnergyCanuary for the first time in Jan 2020 and due to encouragement, and enthusiasm from others, I am repeating it in 2021.

How do you participate?

Easy! Just use Instagram (or other platforms) to raise awareness about the issue, using the hashtag #energycanuary during January. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

To give you some inspiration, look at the #energycanuary hashtag on Instagram

Here are some ideas

  • The most obvious one is to pick up an energy drink and put it in the bin - and then post about it!

  • If you are a keen plogger/litter collector then maybe count how many you find during the month (last year I picked up over 600)

  • If you don't find any, then post about that too!! Why didn't you? Maybe because you have a can deposit system - that is great info as it shows how it works!

There is a GIVEAWAY!


Woohoo.. just by raising awareness you could win an awesome prize!

To one lucky winner, I will give away a set of 5 handmade face plates.

I give all the details here in my kick off post

The plates will look similar to these:

Similar, but not exactly the same. The reason is that my wife is a ceramicist and is going to be making the actual set of faceplates during January that I will give away!! That is so cool.

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