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A deodorant that got me thinking!

Heads up: Lekker sent me four deodorants to try for free. The thoughts here are completely my own and I didn't even need to write a review. But I am keen to do so.

The Lekker Company is a small company in NL. I won't bore you with the blurb, they say it much better themselves here:

Basically, it is a company that is small, cares, and is quite the success story, seeing as I can go to my local supermarket and buy it there!

I love the idea of 'real' ingredients and that they are vegan and plastic free.

That is what got me hooked. But that isn't the real positive I see and that excites me to continue using them.

There are four of us in our household, so when they sent us the four different versions, we could grab one each.

Damnit, I ended up with the bluddy neutral/non scented one!!

Who the heck wants a non smelly deodorant?!! I am a fifty year old guy and have never heard such silliness. In my early 20s I would adopt the aftershave strategy of 'the more the better' ... It was quite handy really as that was a time before mobile phones, so you could easily track me by following the scent of Kouros that could be detected 2km away.

Uh-oh. I am rambling. Trust me.. read on!

Initial thoughts

If you read the blurb, then you will see that it supposedly lasts for 2-3 months

My immediate thought was "look at the size of it!!".. how the heck is it gonna last that long?

I also saw the price! You do expect to pay a bit more for something so natural but each one is around 7.50eur! That is a lot compared to getting a spray deo for 1eur!

Oh dear.. I am not really painting a good picture am I? But read on!!!!

I reckon most people will think the same thing as me with these points, so it is important to say,.. me too!!!

But, there were some positives that came straight out; no plastic. It is so satisfying just holding the tub. Not feeling a cannister or plastic container. And the colours and design just bring a smile to your face.

So, a couple of days later

The first real big positive came out after a couple of days.. the size!

Being so small, it just takes up no space.

If it does last as long as they say then not only does the math work out (divide that 7.50eur over 2-3 months), but it makes an awesome deo to travel with or take to the gym.

And then there was that neutral/non-scented version that I got saddled with!

The rest of the household had lovely fragrances (really.. they smell so fresh and clear.. I suppose from the natural oils?) but I had nothing.. and it basically had no aroma

I started thinking.. hang on.. the cool thing is that fragrances (cologne, perfume etc) I do wear become the only star of the show now (thankfully I have stopped pouring the 1980s aftershaves all over me like I used to, but I still like to use some). If you think about it, it is a bit messed up that you have so many mixed scents at any one time.. deo, washing powder, perfume, shampoo blah blah.

Using it was also a bit of an eyeopener... I have hairy armpits.

The reason the deo is meant to last so long is because you should only use a small pea like amount on each arm pit. But surely if I do that with a hairy armpit then none of that will actually reach the skin?!! That seems a bit of a failure, doesn't it?

That got me thinking.. isn't that an issue for all deos? Roll-on or spray? I reckon it is.

But using it is a completely different experience. You get a teeny tinny amount on your finger and massage it in. Suddenly you are more engaged with the product. I found it so satisfying rubbing it in, and it really spreads evenly and covers a huge amount of.. err... armpit... for such a small amount (that is a sign of a good product, right?). The whole massaging it in also seems to get through the hair.

I really think this is a huge benefit of the product. It isn't that it takes any extra time really, but it feels so much more connected. A moment to savour (oh gosh.. it sounds like I am describing eating a tub of ice cream! haha). But it really does. A regular deo seems such a wasted moment in hindsight.

The finger has no residue on it afterwards.

A month later

Well, now we get to my final thoughts. The result. Or rather results (as I am going to bring in thoughts from the family too).

First off. The non believer. My daughter.

For her it is a no. She likes it, but at the age of 14 isn't as connected to the whole concept.

She wants the feeling of 'security' regular spraying gives. Maybe that is a false security, but I remember being an adolescent. It might be hormones or just lack of confidence, but whatever it is, it wasn't the right time for her. (Her loss is my gain.. I get to use her peppermint one too now! woohoo!)

And another negative.. her tub is fraying a bit, just the ends of the paper

It isn't a biggy, and just needs a little trim. It is only on my daughter's one.

And that is it for negatives!

My wife loves it.. as do I

In fact, I think mine is going to last closer to 4 months!!! that actually means it works out super cheap!

Why is it lasting so long? Because I don't use it everyday!.. If you did, then 2-3 months is about right, but with COVID-19, working from home etc, I find that I don't use it everyday. Before Lekker deo, I would have continued rolling my deo on daily. Now I seem to use it when I need to.

This bluddy deo has completely changed my view of.. err... armpit management!

By the way, I currently have the peppermint one on.. and I have this lovely subtle scent close to the armpit, but not invading the space around me.

Oh gosh, I have rambled on!

Bottom line.. love it! The neutral version has surprised me (but I still prefer the subtle non invasive scents of the others). It seems weird a deo would challenge my behaviours, but it has.

So, give it a go.. it might change your behaviours too!

If you have any questions, ask below!

I did notice that on their website, if you sign up for the newsletter you get 10% off your order.

And you get 5eur off on orders over 25eur.

Hope this was useful?

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