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..Material for the challenge

I figured this would be a good place to put the graphics for the #5kPloggingChallenge

Any questions? Then ping me an email (see the Contact page)

Eh? What is this?

I just wanted a fun challenge for people in the lead up to World Clean Up Day, 2020

It is something that is easy to do, but my surprise you!

What to do..

Put your shoes on, grab some gloves and a small bag (preferably a 5liter biodegradable one - loads of supermarkets have them and they are dead cheap)

Then go on a run/walk.. you normal one that is at least 5km

See how far you get before your bag is full

Count the number of items you put in the bag

Share the results 

Tag me (@wayeoflife) and your local council/gemeente/government offices to let them know what you did 

Challenge others

You can use the following to help post on Instagram on your stories or as a post (right click / long click etc to download the image(s) )

I did a post on this challnge here:

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