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Showcase: Running

Plogging and running really are the two of the main passions I have.

But they come from very different places. Plogging is a mission and I would rather not do it, whereas running? Well, that brings me true and deep joy. 

I tried to kid myself for years that I was a triathlete (i even did a couple of Ironman races), but while I love swimming and biking, running is where my heart is.

This was one of the real purposes behind me starting my wayeoflife Instagram account. I did it to motivate myself to rekindle that joy and celebrate it. To not just run, but to run more, run better, and run happier.

Other changes in my life (predominantly going vegan), meant I really could run more. 

Now I run around 4000km/year.

I still have some big ambitions too. Why should getting old stop me chasing goals? Age is just one limiter. Other elements play just as much of a part, specifically; structured training, recovery, diet etc.

So I am chasing PBs at the age of 53. And big goals too! I want to run 3:15 for a marathon (my best is 3:23 from over 10 years ago). Why the heck not?

But with so many posts made about the subject on my Instagram account, it is easy for some that I am especially proud of, to get lost amongst the crowd. Here are some of my favourites.

It could be a favourite of mine because of the photo, the video, the message, or it is just a cool memory.

I will change these up a bit, but for now, these are my top 9 photos and top 6 videos

(I really need to pull out all my videos in some sort of library)

My Favourite Running Posts

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